SMSF costs: How much does an SMSF really cost?

This article on SMSF costs was originally posted in The Australian, 13 July 2020 under the title “How much does an SMSF really cost? That depends on who you ask” What are the average SMSF costs? Even the regulators can’t agree on how much it costs to run a self-managed superannuation fund. The Australian Taxation […]

SMSF Physical Gold Investments: Bull Market 2020

Gold ends the 2020 financial year at record high as investors continue to accumulate precious metals. There are key underlying trends that are very important for SMSF physical gold investors to understand. UPDATE: July 2020 We are aware of media reports in relation to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues relating to Artisanal Smallscale Mining […]