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Adviser Portal Dashboard and Notifications Update 2020

Based on feedback from our users, we’ve made some adjustments to the Dashboard and Email Notifications for the Intello Adviser Portal.

The new dashboard and notifications will be live from 1 July 2020.

Adviser Portal Dashboard

The key change we’ve made is to categorise the outstanding Tasks into two key areas:

  1. Outstanding Annual Accounts Tasks
  2. All Outstanding Tasks Split by Due Date

Outstanding Annual Accounts Tasks

The top left hand panel now only contains a summary of open Tasks for Annual Accounts Jobs – i.e. the Tasks that require action to enable the Intello team to complete the annual accounts, tax return and independent audit for the relevant SMSF.

Users have the ability to toggle between:

  • “My” Tasks and “All” Tasks to see either a list of clients with outstanding Tasks assigned to that user specifically (My) or all users within the business (All)
  • “Prior” Tasks and “Current” Tasks provides the ability to toggle between Tasks relating to the current year (starting with the 2021 financial year as this feature will be active from 1 July 2020) and the prior financial years – i.e. 2020 and earlier years.

This change enables users to quickly see what clients have outstanding items requiring attention, and to prioritise prior year items over current year items where necessary.

By clicking one the Job or Client name you are taken to directly into the respective Job and the associated Tasks that have action required.

Tasks by Due Date

The second panel added to the Dashboard is Panel where all open Tasks are split by client and due date.

Tasks are split up as follows:

  • Overdue (Due Date has passed)
  • Due in 0-30 days
  • Due in 31-60 days
  • Due in 61-90 days
  • Due in 91+ days

The advantage of summarising open Tasks by impending due date is that it visually shows an upcoming pipeline of items that will require attention so focus can be given to the most time critical client related Tasks on the Adviser Portal.

By clicking on the relevant Entity Name (Client) you are taken to the Active Tasks page for that client where you can see any items requiring action (across multiple Jobs).

The Intello team should align Tasks for a relevant client Annual Accounts Job to be due prior to the month the Job is scheduled to be worked on.

Email Notification Improvements

The second major change in this release is the ability to customise the frequency of emails received on a per-user basis, as well as an improved email design.


Updated Email Design

Previously the email notifications triggered from our Adviser Portal were one-to-one meaning that when a member of the Intello team created a new Task, an instant email notification was triggered an you received an email for that Task only.

The new email notifications are more intelligent with open Tasks grouped by open Annual Accounts Tasks and other Tasks by Due Date.

Customised Email Notification Frequency

With this update you will be able to choose how frequent you receive email notifications for new and outstanding Tasks.

Currently a new email notification is triggered each time Intello creates a new Task to be actioned.  You will now be able to choose the following frequencies of the email notifications you receive:

  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly

You can change the email summary frequency by clicking Profile, then selecting your preferred Summary Email Frequency from the drop down:

Monthly will be the default frequency with the summary emails being sent first day of the month.

Changes to how Annual Accounts Tasks are split

Previously when Intello put together a list of items required to complete a clients annual accounts (Request for Information Tasks), there would be one Task per client.

Whether there was one item or ten items, there was always just a single Task. The downside of this approach was that a single Task effectively contained a number of sub-tasks, and with all the comments and file uploads, they quickly become difficult to manage and track for both Intello and you as the user.

Commencing with the Annual Accounts 2020 jobs, there will be multiple Tasks raised per client per job.  So if Intello needs three statements to complete the accounts and audit, there will be three Tasks under that job.

In summary: Fewer email notifications, but a higher number of smaller, bite-size Tasks.

Questions and Feedback

If you have any questions or feedback regarding these changes you can email admin@intello.com.au or send a message via the chat box on the bottom right of the page.

We’ve also added some new Help Centre Articles:

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