What COVID-19 Has Taught Us About the Offshoring Model

Facing rapid market change and regulatory conditions, Aussie financial services firms are partnering with third-party firms more than ever before. Most often, this is an economic decision to remove tedious low-value work from teams who can focus on high-yielding activities, by re-allocating the services to regions with lower pay. Meanwhile, some firms opt to enhance […]

SMSF Auditor Independence Standards – The Tough Decisions for Accounting Firms

In preparation for a tougher clamp down on SMSF Audit Independence Standards as of July 1, many accounting firms face a predicament. Under the updated code, those firms that offer both non assurance and SMSF audit services to their SMSF clients to decide to offer one, or the other.  The independence standard also affects those […]

6 Tips that Save Money or Spring New Business Growth.

Although the start to 2021 has been a little shaky, hopefully this year will be different to the last 12 months. If you haven’t already, take a look at six key ways in which you can reformat some areas of your financial services firm up to make 2021 your best year yet.

ATO SMSF Statistics December 2019

ATO SMSF statistics are published every quarter for the self-managed super fund (SMSF) market. These reports provide a valuable insight into the SMSF sector and help confirm trends that SMSF professionals such as advisers and accountants need to be aware of when operating in the space. ATO SMSF Statistics – December 2019 The latest quarterly […]

Game changing SMSF strategies

SMSF strategies in a post-super reform world   The 2017 super reforms have significantly transformed the SMSF space especially for high-net worth clients. Now the dust has settled, it’s time to determine what new strategies need to be implemented to ensure the best outcome for SMSF clients.   Drawdown Strategies Research conducted by Class Ltd […]

Traversing the SMSF landscape

For the most part, superannuation reform commenced from 1 July 2017, however, there are some changes that take effect from 1 July 2018 and the likelihood of more changes effective from 1 July 2019.   1. Annual reporting will impact the capacity to contribute As we all know, SMSFs were provided with a blanket lodgement […]

The Sole Trusted Adviser

“What do clients want?”  It’s the question that advice businesses ask themselves. For a long time the financial services industry has been widespread with providers engaging with a client individually for all facets of their lives. Mortgage brokers, financial advisers, accountants, bookkeepers and banks to name a few have historically had one on one relationships […]

The evolution of financial services is squeezing the middle ground

A core competency of most advisers and accountants in the financial services sector has traditionally revolved around their technical competency. Whilst this is still clearly a required skillset, I believe that most prospective employers simply assume a minimum level of technical competency and are increasingly looking for a broader set of skills.   The difficulty […]

Should you really be working on your holiday?

First of all, if you are reading this whilst sipping on a Piña colada on the beaches of the Bahamas with the sounds of ukeleles in the distance I want to thank you 🙂   Seriously though, should you be working right now? While most Australians are enjoying a break in preparation for 2018, those […]