Intermediary LRBA

The ATO has recently released SPR2020/1 which enables an intermediary LRBA (limited recourse borrowing arrangement) to be used by SMSFs without the investment triggering the in-house asset rules.  This ruling could potentially open the doors for SMSFs to access a wider pool of lenders and avoid some of the high interest rates and heavy legal […]

Superannuation Contributions 2020-21

The new financial year often brings new rules and new strategies for superannuation and the 2020/21 financial year is no exception. The two key changes this year are: the removal of the work test for anyone aged 66 and 67 years old who wish to make non-concessional superannuation contributions 2020-21; and an extension of spouse […]

ATO Guidance: Superannuation Early Release and Contributions

The ATO is planning to issue guidance outlining the limited circumstances in which they will allow an individual to access their superannuation early and later claim a concessional contribution. It’s been reported that the ATO is currently preparing guidance on the limited circumstances when an individual will be allowed to access some of their superannuation […]

Can you sign a Will electronically?

With social distancing restrictions from COVID-19 impacting almost every aspect of our daily lives we’ve been asking how estate planning can be validly completed and whether it’s possible to sign a Will electronically? Christina Wolfsbauer from Intello Legal outlines how you can still complete or update your SMSF estate planning during the COVID-19 restrictions.

How life insurance in your super could impact your retirement savings

If you have super with a default fund (i.e. the one your employer offered) you will have some form of life insurance, unless you have opted out. If you have researched and selected a superannuation fund specifically for yourself, you have probably been offered insurance. Either way life insurance and superannuation go hand in glove. […]

Are you ready for retirement? Where to start.

One of the key challenges for people approaching retirement is adequately preparing for it. The other big challenge is gaining greater confidence in how their finances might look once retired. Getting the right advice helps enormously with this, and likewise beginning the planning process earlier rather than later will reap rewards. What are the stats? […]

Property Market Update July 2017

The property market, you will probably know that we don’t often comment on residential property. Due to it being such a heterogeneous asset class (the opposite to homogenous) there are pockets performing differently everywhere. However, given that most of us will have some exposure, we have included some observations from SQM Research to update you […]

Financial Market Update July 2017

After a big sell-off in May, (-4.01%) the S&P/ASX200 Accumulation index managed a small gain of 0.17% for the month of June. That was better though than Global markets, where the MSCI World index (in Aust Dollars) lost 2.54% for the month. Bond markets sold off during June as interest rates rose, and the A-REIT […]

Superfund Partners Brisbane Has Moved to Eight Mile Plains

The lease at 195 Vulture Street South Brisbane has expired and due to the uncertainty around redevelopment plans for this office, we have decided to relocate to Eight Mile Plains. The very modern Eight Mile Plains office has recently undergone renovations to allow for this relocation and is only a short drive from our previous […]