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Team Intello

Why we changed our name from Superfund Wholesale to Intello

November 2017, we proudly unveiled our new name: Intello.


Why did we change our name?

Superfund Wholesale as a name had served us well.  The term ‘wholesale’ made sense as we provide wholesale SMSF services to advisers who act as the ‘retail’ interface and relationship contact for clients.

The word ‘superfund’ however places limitations on our business. We knew that our advisers needed more than just SMSF administration. So, in our quest to truly help advisers service their clients better, we realised that an evolution was on hand.

Self-managed superfund administration is still our core competency and we will continue to deliver the best service when it comes to SMSFs – but our future is to provide more solutions.

Our change of name to Intello enables us to deliver a wider range of services based on demand from the advisers we work with. It is more versatile, and opens up endless opportunities to expand.


What additional services will Intello provide advisers?


Portfolio Administration

We are already delivering portfolio administration for non-SMSF entities including personal, joint, trust (family trust and unit trust) and company investment portfolios to many of the advisers we work with.

This service includes online access to daily updated portfolio reports as well as comprehensive financial and tax statements at the end of the financial year.  The consolidated reporting is similar to a wrap – but without the custody and costs.  Tax return preparation and lodgement for trusts and companies is also available.


Estate Planning

Another area of high demand where our business has in-house capabilities is Estate Planning.  Although there are high quality legal document suppliers and specialist lawyers servicing this space, there are some gaps that Intello can bridge: linking a client’s SMSF to their overall personal estate plan as well as streamlining the entire process for advisers.


On the cards

In addition to the above services, Intello has medium-term plans to deliver a variety of services via our online portal including legal documents, investment portfolios and insurances. Prioritisation of these services will be driven by advisers, and our scale will provide purchasing power where we partner with 3rd parties for delivery.


Where did the name ‘Intello’ come from?

Back in 2016 in conjunction with Elston we launched an SMSF establishment and investment app.  During this process, we considered a number of names for the app and eventually landed with Superstash.

One of the names we liked, but discounted at the time was Intello. The brand consultant we worked with at the time (Adrian Shawcross of The Outset Creative) said to me “That’s a great name – if you don’t want it for the app, you should still register the domain!”

I registered the domain name that day not knowing how we would use it – but I agreed that it was a great name.  On a side note, the process of working with a brand guru like Adrian was fantastic – our marketing ninja Fabio can share more about the re-brand process in his ‘The Intello Rebranding Story Part 1: The Name”.


Practical considerations

There were also practical issues with using the name ‘Superfund Wholesale’ which became more prevalent as we grew.

Due to words ‘superfund’ and ‘wholesale’ being very generic when it comes to financial services, it was impossible to trademark our brand and protect our intellectual property.  When I say impossible, I mean costly. We would prefer to further invest in technology helping our advisers than fight a trademark battle via IP lawyers.  By rebranding to Intello we were able to protect our IP and register trademark in the relevant categories.

Superfund Wholesale was often confused with other businesses with similar names including our original SMSF business Superfund Partners. Intello provides us with a clean slate and new foundation to grow from. Intello is short, sweet and significantly easier to type compared to Superfund Wholesale. Intello is also versatile. As a brand Intello enables our business to easily rollout complimentary services while ensuring consistency. Intello SMSF Admin. Intello Portfolio Admin. Intello Tax. Intello Estate Planning. You get the picture!


The future

The future is exciting for Intello. SMSF administration is still an essential part of what we deliver – but it’s not the only part.  Changing our name to Intello brings us closer to our vision of an unparalleled service experience for advisers by combining great people with great technology.




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