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So, what makes my estate planning 

services different?

Estate Planning for Your Firm

I collaborate with financial advisers to provide high-value estate planning services to your clients. 

Intello’s partnership model makes you – the adviser – a central part of your client’s estate planning process. Working alongside one another, I’d like you to consider me to be a partner and legal counsel to your business.

Unlike most lawyers, I don’t charge fees in six-minute increments. I listen a lot. I don’t use legal jargon. And I remain available for consultation to you and the client until they have signed off on our work.

My experience as an accountant and a tax lawyer in Australia and overseas makes me effective at factoring in all that is required for solid estate planning. 

But it’s my innate drive for client satisfaction that has me passionate about delivering a positive experience, and quality solution to your client.

Intello Estate Planning

Estate Planning services include:

  • Estate Planning Materials
  • Specialist Legal Consulting
  • Specialist Legal or Practice Principal Coaching
  • Wholesale Estate Planning Documents

How We Work

We take a collaborative approach to your estate planning service.

We have a unique partnership model. 

With Intello, you remain central to your client’s estate planning process.

This is because your client relationship adds value to the product we achieve. 

And we ultimately want to add value to your relationships and your business.

Intello Estate Planning Services Manager Christina Wolfsbauer

You decide how involved you want to be.

I am available to ensure you are comfortable before client meetings.

You can introduce me when, and how you believe it will achieve maximum value to your clients.

Once introductions are made, the estate planning client service can be provided directly by me, or alongside you, according to your preference.

You and your client receive responsive support.

Your estate planning service with Intello is human-centric. We listen to you and your client, and tailor services accordingly.

Without any additional charge, you gain as much interaction as the client needs until they are completely satisfied, and all paperwork is signed off.

Meanwhile, I remain ‘on-call’ to help you with ad-hoc queries as they arise.

You also have professional development and coaching options.

Intello partners also have opportunity for coaching from Intello’s principal partners and legal specialists.

As a result, you’ll be able to identify opportunities for growth of your business, or risks to be addressed. We can also provide advice on a topic of your choosing that is relevant to your business.

Contact me to find out more.

You have flexibility and control over your Estate Planning service.

Our unique fixed fee solution and our service delivery options means that your estate planning experience is one that delights. 

You gain a new strength to your firm, more referral business.

And your client receives a solution tuned to their circumstances, receiving maximum value delivered by your business.

Intello Partners offer Coaching

You'll Feel...


in your business value and your client experience.


with consulting and coaching from our industry experts.


in the estate planning process.


about growth opportunities for your business with new income streams.


We have different levels of partnerships to offer the level of involvement and support you require to help your business grow.

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