I'm Christina

So, what makes my estate planning 

process different?

Estate Planning For Your Family

I have a new way of delivering tailored estate planning services.

I’m an experienced accountant and estate planning lawyer but unlike most, I charge a simple, flat-rate fee.

I listen (a lot) and don’t use legal jargon.

Further, I remain available to you for questions or revisions until you have signed off, satisfied with my work.

Not only is this a more comfortable experience, but this process achieves the highest quality outcome for you and your family.

Intello Estate Planning - What you get

Our Estate Planning Process

Let’s do it your way.

Your tailored estate planning service may be completed with me working alongside your financial planner. Alternatively, we can do it with your family, or one-to-one…

A flexible approach results in a more comfortable experience and a most effective service.



In any case, we start with a conversation about your situation. 

Applying years of estate planning, tax law and accounting experience, I take time to ensure every aspect of your situation is factored in. This includes family, assets and your health to protect your family and your wishes.

Estate Planning Tailored for Individuals by Christina Wolfsbauer

Family can be complicated. Estate Planning can be made easy.

No scenario is too complex, nor too vanilla for a specialist estate planning service.

And death can be hard to talk about.

But I adapt my services to make the estate planning process as comfortable as possible, and to cater for your situation.

My experience includes work with blended families, in addition to families with children with disabilities, and siblings in different financial situations.

A positive planning experience and services tailored to you.

My flat-rate service fee means you gain as much interaction as you need until you are satisfied, and all paperwork is signed off.

Good quality communication is critical to a tailored plan and the best outcome for your family.

Estate Planning for your Family

Next Steps

It all starts with a conversation.

So get in touch to discuss your requirements.

I can provide you with expected timeframe, fees and involvement to complete your estate plan.