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The Intello Rebranding Story Part 1: The Name


On 1 November 2017, Superfund Wholesale officially rebranded to Intello. The rebrand was the end result of an extensive process which was ignited when we saw that our advisers needed more than just SMSF administration. Kris Kitto, has written about “Why we changed our name from Superfund Wholesale to Intello” and the what the future holds, so I will just cover the creative journey we took. This journey is broken up into a few parts – Part 1 will cover the name.


Enlist an expert to help

Although you may have a set idea in your head and think you can just do the job internally, you should really consider enlisting a branding expert to help. We are lucky enough to know one! We worked with branding guru Adrian Shawcross from The Outset Creative. He has had extensive experience in this area and was a real pleasure to work with. The benefit of working with someone like Adrian is that you get that next level of creativity and knowledge. We knew that engaging in quality expert advice saved us both time and money in the long run.


Using the ‘why’ to drive the rebrand

Before we started thinking of a new name, we had countless conversations about the current value we provide to our advisers and what the future holds for them. We needed to have a solid understanding of what we needed to become in order to help advisers service their clients better. It is a tedious part of the process, but an incredibly important one. This process allows us to clearly conceptualise our identity, incorporate the vision of the directors and the team, and give our rebranding journey direction and purpose.


What we covered here:

  • Identifying the needs of our clients – now and into the future
  • Identifying our brand attributes
  • Identifying our brand benefits
  • Identifying our role in the jigsaw puzzle


Brainstorming Names


A decade or so ago, this process would have been ten times easier. Nowadays, it is getting harder and harder to think of a name that isn’t taken. What do I mean by taken? Well, in order for us to even consider a name for the rebrand, we needed it to tick off the following four criteria:


  1. Business name is available
  2. Company name is available
  3. URL is available
  4. And finally, it is ‘trademarkable’


This was our ‘must haves’ for the brainstorming process. Using the criteria in combination with the associated words, we literally went through over a hundred name ideas from combination words to metaphorical ideas. Each had merit, but none felt like that big winner.

Interesting ending to the process… we didn’t choose any of the names we shortlisted.


Although we didn’t end up going with the shortlisted names from the process this time around, the fundamental steps are as follows:


  1. Use the tools from your ‘why’ process to guide your brainstorming
  2. Identify the ‘must haves’ for your shortlist
  3. Host a brainstorming session with stakeholders
  4. Do some individual brainstorming
  5. Finalise a shortlist
  6. Come back together to discuss the shortlist and refine ideas
  7. Repeat the steps if needed.


  If we didn’t go through this process with our app name, we wouldn’t be known as Intello today.  The process was still important for our journey. 


So, where did the name ‘Intello’ come from?


Let’s travel back in time a little.


We launched an SMSF establishment and investment app early 2016 in conjunction with Elston. It was actually during this brainstorming process that we were first pitched Intello. Adrian Shawcross from The Outset Creative actually said to Kris Kitto “That’s a great name – if you don’t want it for the app, you should still register the domain!”. Lucky for us, Kris did.


What does Intello actually mean? What is the link?

Intello is a play on Intelligent Operations, which is a link to what we do and how we do it. For those who have been following our growth, you would know that we have been proponents of technology, innovation and automation. After all, it is how we have come to be very competitive in a space where similar businesses are offshoring. Let’s break it down.



This part of the name celebrates the innovation part of our business. Our continual drive to look within our own business process to maximise efficiency using technology.



Operations represents our role in the jigsaw puzzle and the value-add for our advisers. We don’t look at ourselves as an outsourced component of the business but a division of the business, a partner in their growth and operations. Working together to create and deliver value to their clients.


What’s next?


Now that we had come up with a name, we needed to look at the brand imagery. What does Intello look like? What device will represent the future of Superfund Wholesale?

I will cover this process in The Intello Rebranding Story Part 2: The Design.




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