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Team Intello

Should you really be working on your holiday?

First of all, if you are reading this whilst sipping on a Piña colada on the beaches of the Bahamas with the sounds of ukeleles in the distance I want to thank you 🙂


Seriously though, should you be working right now?

While most Australians are enjoying a break in preparation for 2018, those that work in an industry that cannot afford that luxury will spend most of your ‘break’ working. There is always that one client who has an urgent question or request, or sometimes you yourself can’t seem to switch off from looking at a report or awesome content from the Intello team – yes! You will be surprised to know that there are benefits to working whilst on your break and if managed right, you could really be driving more productivity for the start of 2018 than someone who has completely switched off.


If you are that person working right now, this podcast is worth a listen.


What they talk about in the podcast

  • The balancing act between taking care of yourself and cutting yourself some slack, and still being a reliable team player.
  • The importance of making the working vacation vs. unplugged vacation decision in advance.
  • How we each define being unplugged, and whether being 100% unplugged is worth it.
  • Should you treat every day like it’s the day before vacation?



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