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Why our screens are making us less happy?


We are in a world where looking at a screen is just an integral part of life. We often find ourselves switching between our work computer, laptop and phone in a space of 8 hours. A matter of fact, you are actually reading this blog from a screen right now.

A survey conducted by R U OK? found that an average of 46 hours a week is spent looking at a screen, but just six hours is spent with family and friends. That is a lot of time connecting with a device vs having face to face human interactions. Now, there is the argument that devices allow you to connect with more people, more frequently and yes, technology is making us more productive with our times. But we must ask ourselves, is it making us less happy?

Let’s see if we can get a better understanding with the help of New York University’s Stern School of Business marketing professor and psychologist, Adam Alter. Earlier this year, professor Alter presented research which showed the online tools we spend the most time using don’t make us happy.

Worth a watch.

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