The Intello Client Portal

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If you need SMSF software that centralises all funds, clients, team members and admin tasks, you’ll love Intello’s Client Portal.

Advanced, yet user-friendly features are powered by Class Super, Australia’s first cloud-based SMSF administration software solution.​

Built for Productivity

Our intuitive web-based solution keeps you on top of SMSF compliance with timesaving SMSF automation features, reports, and client tasks.   

The Intello Portal is white labelled, so you can brand it as your own. This means you remain central to your client’s relationship while handing off particular tasks to your team, or to Intello’s SMSF experts.

SMSF Automation

Our SMSF Automation features include:

  • Bulk processing capabilities.
  • Tax statement automation.
  • 200+ data feeds direct from the source.
  • In-app messaging and notifications.

Take a Bird's Eye-View

The Dashboard provides visibility into all funds and SMSF performance from any device.

Drill Down on Detail

Meanwhile, click through to keep on top of every client query, lodgment, or document.

It's a Flexible Fit

Brand the portal as your own, and we’ll configure it to reflect your firm’s structure.

SMSF Software that saves Time and Effort

Powered by Class Super, Intello’s Client Portal features a suite of time-saving tools, streamlining your SMSF management.

Automated Preparation of Tax Statements

All tax statement data is streamlined, slashing data entry requirements and preparation time for lodgment.

Standardised, Simplified Administration

Bulk process entities and corporate actions, automate income generation, or store documents – all in one place.

Key Features

The Intello Client Portal is a flexible SMSF solution that grows with your business, rapidly driving business efficiencies and customer satisfaction.

Our SMSF software helps to make SMSF work more profitable by streamlining client services and facilitating admin services to Intello.

Next Steps

Find out more about Intello SMSF Administration for Business. Or contact us for a demo, or pricing.