Platinum Partners

Exclusive to Intello Clients

Remaining informed of financial market trends and opportunities is critical to portfolio performance.

It can, however, be difficult to filter noise from the highest quality information, or to remain abreast of new opportunities.

That’s why Prime Financial – Intello’s parent company – has established Platinum Partners.

Membership is free for Intello and SMSF Incubator customers, providing you with access to regular updates on Australia’s financial markets from unaffiliated industry leaders. 

What is Platinum Partners? 

As a member, you’ll be invited to exclusive market updates from industry leaders, including: 

  • Property projects
  • Market intelligence 
  • Investment opportunities & deals

These events are currently a schedule of webinars with dates yet to be confirmed.

Depending on interest, membership may offer you onsite events and networking opportunities. 

Membership Benefits: 
  • Improved confidence in investment decisions with expert market analysis 
  • Boost awareness of current investment opportunities 
  • Manage risk by assessing market trends and data 
  • Assess your portfolio performance compared with broader markets

Platinum Partners membership is $0 for Prime Financial affiliated companies, including Intello and SMSF Incubator.

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