Seeking SMSF

Switch to Intello’s First-Class SMSF Services.

Seamless Switch & Onboarding Services

Everything we do at Intello is designed to simplify SMSF for advisers – including our switching and onboarding services.

With years of experience across thousands of funds and the best in tech, our onboarding is refined so that you’re set up for success on day one with Intello.

Unhappy with ongoing disappointments or service delays?

If you’ve outgrown your existing SMSF Admin service, don’t mistake the pain of change to be worse than suffering through ongoing:

  • Service delays
  • Missed lodgement commitments
  • Poor communication
  • Substandard software tools and process
Instead, demand a higher standard for you and your clients. Talk to Intello about our partnered approach and switching today.
$0 Transfer Fees
We never charge new clients to transfer to Intello SMSF.
Low-Touch Switch
Our team performs any heavy lifting required to move your SMSF Client funds to Intello*
Portal Setup Included
Our team complete the set up your client portal to reflect your org structure.
White-Labelled First-CLASS
An Intello SMSF partnership provides you with CLASS software - all included.
Always Reliable & All Onshore
All services and your data remain in Australia to guarantee service quality and data sovereignty.

To find out more – contact us.